We’re excited to announce our 2019-2020 finalists are:

Josh Mckernan, Eddie Hogan, Lukas Hornell & Finn McCabe with JELF

Kaspar Soltero & Stephanie Beattie with BIOBALE

Lucy Turner, Luke Campbell, Cameron Palmer, Duncan de Wet, Seth Murray, Ja’afaru Musa and Liam Seymour with VXT

Abel Goremusandu, Mikaila Ceelen-Thomas, Jack Holloway & Jaclyn Phillot with KELPN

Stefano Barfucci with TERRANECT

Myles Gardner and Ollie Hawkins  with Profile Training Group

Anzac Gallate & Jack Fraser with The Gro.Up Group

Riley Flanagan, Luisa Birkenhake, Wayo Whyte & Josh Dalley with Pivot Tape