We’re excited to announce our 2017-18 finalists are:

Laura Robinson

“Dream Believe Succeed was a great opportunity to be a part of. It offers great mentoring, support and networking. It is a great step in developing your business.”

Purpose Projects was built out of the desire to see more positive impact from volunteering trips. Currently, most volunteering organisations take over 60% of fees to cover administrative costs, taking away from the opportunity these groups have to make more significant impact in these high-need communities, usually in third world countries. Purpose Projects plans to structure themselves in a way to avoid this scenario and provide higher impact and more value to the communities their teams visit. Purpose Projects is sending its first team out later this year.

Ron Park

Kōrure is a health supplement business focused on creating products to relieve arthritis and joint pain, using the healing properties of Green Lipped Mussel Oil extracted from the Marlborough Sounds. The oil is processed and prepared for market here in New Zealand, for sale & export throughout the South Pacific. Kōrure is currently selling product into Korea, China and looking to expand into Southeast Asia, and UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Harriet Compton-Moen

” The Dream Believe Succeed competition was such an incredible opportunity. Being able to develop my ideas and skills in entrepreneurship with help from inspiring business people was invaluable. I’ve learnt so much from the experience, and I’m inspired to continue with my business idea!” 

Girls Byte is an organisation developed to support STEM learning, particularly among young girls. The online learning platform will provide teachers with an easy to use, classroom friendly format to simplifying both the teaching and learning process for these challenging subjects. The platform will include resources for both girls and boys and will be provided to schools across the country. It should be noted that the brand name Girls Byte is likely to change to allow for broader market appeal. Girls Byte is in development and will be available later this year.

Oliver Hunt

Medsalv is a solution to the waste created by single use medical devices. New Zealand hospitals create an enormous and costly amount of waste by discarding medical devices that could be used more than once given the right reprocessing. Medsalv is developing the systems and processes to manage the safe re-use of single use medical devices, following their reprocessing. This is reducing hospital generated landfill waste and making healthcare more affordable. Medsalv has developed reprocessing systems for its first device and is supplying these reprocessed devices to local hospitals. Over the coming year Medsalv will be expanding its capacity to service the entire country, and its capability to include more devices.

Nick & Matt Goodson

“The Dream Believe Succeed competition was a really important experience for us because it made us look at critically at our business plan and think about how we can engage with our potential customers. We also really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with some of Christchurch’s most successful entrepreneurs.”

Catalinq is an eCommerce store application, developed to connect brands that sell complementary products. For an example, the platform allows an apparel store to partner with a shoe store and earn commission from this partnership by suggesting products prior to the customer checking out on the website. This is an effective solution that would allow small brands to leverage each other to share and generate more business. Catalinq is in the final stages of development and will be launching in the next few months.

Matthew Ruffell

Dapper Linux is an ultra-secure operating system developed to protect users and businesses using the system from cybercrime. Built on an open-source platform this operating system can be highly customised to suit niche business needs, particularly in the case of single use computers such as ticket kiosks in airports or computers that operate manufacturing lines. Dapper Linux can be downloaded today at: https://dapperlinux.com/

Rosa & Margo Flanagan

“Being a finalist for the Dream, Believe, Succeed scholarship was an invaluable experience for Two Raw Sisters. We have taken some huge steps and developed through the quality advice and guidance we were given along the way. We are more motivated than ever before to make our business the most successful it can be”

Two Raw Sisters is an organisation with a goal to educate people & change perceptions about plant-based foods. They do this a number of ways: by hosting workshops, degustation dinners, food preparation demonstrations, creating & selling their raw cheesecakes, and developing content and videos as resources to their audience. Two Raw Sisters supply their Raw Cheesecakes to Hello Sunday Cafe in Sydenham and you can sign up to attend one of their workshops over on their website.