About the Foundation

The Founder

The Dream, Believe, Succeed Foundation was founded through the vision of Steve Brooks.

He set up the award with the aim to raise awareness among the region’s youth and develop an entrepreneurial spirit. He started the award as a way to give back to fellow young entrepreneurs much like himself when he was younger.

Steve started his first business when he was just 12. He would go to the local rubbish dump to purchase old bikes and lawn mowers for $1 and $2. He would then refurbish and sell them for a tidy profit. At the age of 14 he qualified as New Zealand’s youngest ever Real Estate Agent. While at High School he started a gardening business that would often earn $500 or more a week. He then managed to purchase his first rental property at 16. Now 31, Steve is involved in everything from Party and Event Hire, Tax Refunds, Property development, Property Management, Hospitality , Beauty Therapy and Finance.

Steve had a goal of becoming a millionaire by 21 and achieved this at 19. Although this wasn’t without it’s up and downs. What Steve found the most challenging with being a young entrepreneur in Christchurch was the lack of support and funding available to young entrepreneurs. Once Steve had reached his goal he had always planned to start an award to inspire other young people so that they too can become successful entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

The Dream, Believe, Succeed Foundation was established for business driven youth to give them the opportunity of developing their entrepreneurial spirit and providing a funding start up together with a service and mentoring package to commence their own business or grow their existing business with the goal of becoming successful business people.

The purpose of the award is to assist a motivated, driven young person to become a future business leader.


The Trustees are Steve Brooks, Alex Skinner, Geoff Cranko, Gerard Dale and Imogene Lomax.


Our members are made up of persons/companies who provide Dream, Believe, Succeed Foundation with support for the successful candidate entrepreneurs, to help them to achieve their dreams.

The Dream, Believe, Succeed Foundation would like to thank its current supporters:

Any company or person that feels that they might also wish to provide support in any way, please contact us.