1. Attention

1.1 The initiative of the Dream, Believe, Succeed Foundation (Foundation) is to promote and assist business driven youth to give them the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial spirit (Award).
1.2 You must read these Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) in full. Accepting an Award from the Foundation means that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these T&Cs.
1.3 If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must read and consent to these T&Cs.
1.4 The Foundation is seeking youth that are driven and determined to succeed in life (Applicants) who have a goal of becoming successful businesspeople.
1.5 The Trustees of the Foundation (Trustees), as they change from time to time, will administer and control this application process for the Award. The Trustees must make decisions consistent with the terms of the Trust Deed on which the Foundation has been established, and their decisions will be final.

2. Eligibility Criteria

2.1 The following eligibility criteria apply to any Award granted by the Foundation for which applications are currently open:
2.1.1 Applicants must generally be at least 15 years old and no older than 23 years old as at 31 January 2019;
2.1.2 Applicants must have resided within the generally understood geographical region of Christchurch and its surrounds, including the Canterbury Plains (Canterbury) for the preceding three years prior to making the application;
2.1.3 the Applicant should also have an intention to implement their business or ideas(s) in Canterbury;
2.1.4 the Applicant’s business or idea(s) can be a new business or idea, or an existing start up business that is within its first 24 months of operation;
2.1.5 the Applicant must be the main promoter of the business and have a lead role in the business and/or have a significant shareholding in the business;
2.1.6 Applicants can only enter one business or idea in each Award round;
2.1.7 Applicants must be prepared to make themselves available for an interview, which shall form part of the application; and
2.1.8 evidence of financial hardship may be required to support an application for funding.
2.2 The Trustees reserve the right to seek evidence in relation to any of the above criteria.
2.3 The Trustees also reserve the right, without notice, to amend, delete or add to the eligibility at any time and for any reason.

3. How to Apply

3.1 All Applicants must:
3.1.1 complete an online application form; and
3.1.2 create and upload a one to two minute video answering the following questions:
(a) How do you think the Foundation can help your business start up?
(b) What do you think you need to learn throughout the course of this process to enable you to further your business aspirations? and
(c) Why should the Foundation grant an Award to you?,
(together, an Application).
3.2 Applicants must complete the online application form to the fullest extent possible. Failure to do so may result in an Application being declined.
3.3 Evidence of financial hardship may be needed in support of an Application.

4. Finalist Selection Process

4.1 All Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation to ensure that each Application meets the eligibility criteria. Following which, all Applications will be reviewed by a panel of members, all of whom will be appointed by the Foundation (Selection Panel).
4.2 The Selection Panel will be made up of one member of the Foundation, one member from either an accounting or law firm, and one independent Business Professional.
4.3 The Selection Panel will review each Application and in its sole discretion and based on what criteria it sees fit, will select no more than [10] finalists to move into the second round of the application (Finalists).
4.4 Finalists will be invited to meet the Selection Panel for an interview (Interview) to discuss the Applicant’s business idea, aspirations and answer any questions the Applicant may have.
4.5 Prior to the Interview, Finalists are expected to submit a 12 month business plan detailing the proposed progression of the business or idea(s) (Business Plan). The Business Plan should include:
4.5.1 an executive summary of the proposed business or idea;
4.5.2 an analysis of the relevant industry and customer base;
4.5.3 a proposed marketing plan;
4.5.4 an overview of the management team and operating plan;
4.5.5 a financial and budget plan; and
4.5.6 any further education the Applicant believes is necessary to help him or her achieve business success.
4.6 At the Interview, Finalists will be required to complete an oral presentation (minimum of two minutes but no longer than fifteen minutes) covering the aspects of the Business Plan that can be delivered with an audio-visual aid if the Applicant wishes (Presentation) to the Selection Panel.

5. Award Selection Process

5.1 Following the completion of the Interviews, the Selection Panel, in its sole discretion and based on what criteria it sees fit, will make a recommendation to the Trustees, who may grant the Award to a deserving candidate (Successful Applicant).
5.2 Preference will be given to Applicants who are highly motivated and demonstrate evidence of an entrepreneurial interest and understanding, together with a sound business proposal or idea.
5.3 The decision to grant the Award will be made by the Trustees whose decision is final.
5.4 If the Selection Panel is of the opinion that there is no suitable candidate of sufficient merit, the Trustees (in their sole and absolute discretion) may decline to grant an Award.

6. Award

6.1 The Award may consist of any one or more of the following:
6.1.1 a loan to a Successful Applicant of up to $20,000 over a 12 month period (Scholarship), which may or may not be paid in one lump sum but which must be paid into a New Zealand bank account in the sole name of the Successful Applicant. The Successful Applicant must provide evidence of what the money will be used for and will only receive the funds once the evidence of expenditure has been approved by the Trustees. The terms of repayment will be at the discretion of the Trustees;
6.1.2 a payment of up to $20,000 on behalf of the Successful Applicant to fund a formal course of education at a recognised education provider;
6.1.3 an accounting package from a reputable accountancy firm of the Successful Applicant’s choice that has been approved by the Trustees. The accounting package will be without charge to the Successful Applicant, for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date that the Successful Applicant engages the accountancy firm;
6.1.4 a legal package from a firm of barristers and solicitors approved by the Trustees, for the provision of legal advice to the Successful Applicant, for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date that the Successful Applicant engages the law firm;
6.1.5 a marketing package from a marketing firm that has been approved by the Trustees, for the branding and technological support for the Successful Applicant’s business or idea(s). The account package will be without charge to the Successful Applicant, for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date that the Successful Applicant engages the marketing firm;
6.1.6 12 months of one-on-one support from the founder of the Foundation, Steven Brooks (Steve), to the Successful Applicant. The time and place for mentoring to take place must be agreed between the Successful Applicant and Steve; and
6.1.7 12 months of one-on-one mentoring of the Successful Applicant by a Trustee or by a person nominated by the Trustees as being regarded as a successful businessperson (Mentor) in the Successful Applicant’s chosen industry. The time and place for mentoring to take place must be agreed between the Successful Applicant and the Mentor.
6.2 The Trustees may, at any time in their sole discretion, vary, add to or take away any individual element of the Award.
6.3 The Trustees may, in their absolute discretion, award an Award to a Successful Applicant on such terms and conditions as they see fit, and reserve the right to tailor the terms of the Award to a Successful Applicant.

7. Publicity and Promotion

7.1 The Successful Applicant acknowledges that a personal biography (including name and photo) will be published on the Foundation’s website for publicity purposes. This biography will largely focus on the Successful Applicant’s business or idea(s) but may include some personal details of the Successful Applicant, where appropriate.
7.2 The Successful Applicant agrees that he or she will promote the Foundation and its objectives, where appropriate.
7.3 From time to time the Foundation may require that the Successful Applicant make himself or herself available to undertake certain promotional activities in order to promote the Foundation and its objectives (Promotional Events). Promotional Events may include, but are not necessarily limited to:
7.3.1 writing a short biography to be put on the Foundation’s website;
7.3.2 attending ”meet and greets” with potential Applicants;
7.3.3 having the Foundation’s logo on their business website; and
7.3.4 anything else that is reasonably requested by the Trustees.
7.4 In accepting the Award, the Successful Applicant agrees to participate in Promotional Events as reasonably required by the Foundation.

8. Termination

8.1 The Award may be Terminated immediately if the Successful Applicant:
8.1.1 departs from the business or idea(s) wholly or in part;
8.1.2 fails to meet and adhere to any of the T&Cs of the Award;
8.1.3 is charged with a criminal offence;
8.1.4 chooses to no longer receive the Award;
8.1.5 does not use the Award for the appropriate purpose; and/or
8.1.6 has provided incorrect, false, misleading information or withheld relevant information at any material time.
8.2 The Successful Applicant acknowledges that if clause 8.1 is invoked, the Successful Applicant may be required to repay some or all of the value of the Award back to the Foundation.
8.3 The Foundation reserves the right to recover all costs and expenses (including legal and otherwise) it incurs as a result of seeking the repayment of the value of the Award from the Successful Applicant pursuant to clause 8.2.

9. Waiver of Liability

The Successful Applicant in accepting an Award from the Foundation agrees to waive, release and discharge the Foundation, its Trustees, officers and associate organisations or companies from any and all liability including but not limited to, any liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released, for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may occur to you during or after the Successful Applicant has received